NxHawk NV256BH Burn-in Chambe
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NxHawk NV256BH Burn-in Chambe 产品名称:NxHawk NV256BH Burn-in Chambe

Product Introduction

NxHawk NM256BH can accommodate up to 256 PCIe M.2 and U.2 DUTs to run test together or independently, each port capable of PCIe Gen3 x4 or x2 lanes. Can be used for product design validation, quality verification, reliability tests and productions relative tests, etc.

Complete Turn-key system.
High density system.
Temperature range is from ambient +10℃ to 100℃.
Full NVMe protocol compliance and support user specific NVMe command/feature.
Comprehensive parametric testing.
NXH Software with easy upgrades via the remote boot architecture.
Comprehensive library of production test scripts, specially designed for SSD drives.
Insulated firewall isolates the electronics from the Devices Under Test (DUT).
Robust test algorithms (RDT, Stress, etc) with simple customization and editing of test scripts.
Provides 6m/s horizontal air-flow for each sample.
Multi-sensors temperature control system.
Temperature delta is about +/- 2℃.
Easy removal of SSD devices from the chamber slot
Supports PCIe Gen3 x4 or x2 lanes.
Independent Programmable power for 3.3V (M.2) and 12V (U.2) voltage for each slot.
Read / Write testing with variable data patterns.
Easy to navigate GUI.
64 Ports/128 Ports/256 Ports/512 Ports Version also available upon customer requirement.

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